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If I had to choose my favorite vacation ever, this years trip to Cannes would probably take the win.

If you follow me on Snapchat Leareiff* or on Instagram you might have picked up that I had an amazing holiday. Me and my two BFF's, Eline and Mari packed our bags and spent 9 amazing days by the French Riviera, half way through the trip, we where also joined by Elines cousin Thilde. The amount of laughs we shared must be equivalent to a stomach workout of 1000 situps a day, I feel as if I came home with a six-pack.

It's a bit hard to squeeze our days there into a post that would be organized and feature day by day. I had the intention of taking loads of pictures for the blog, but carried away with all of our fun, the camera got left behind(this always happens to me). But we did take a lot of photos with our phones to document this and that, so I will try to give you guys a recap and glimpse into our trip.

Most of our days where spent soaking up the sun at Boli beach on the Crossete. We tried some other beach clubs but this was by far my favorite. Their location on the beach is perfect, the food and snacks are good and it has great ambiance. We started most of the days with lunch there, then headed down to the beach.

Besides staying on the beach during the day in Cannes, we also visited Mala beach. A super nice and a bit secluded beach about 50 min drive from Cannes. There we met up with some of my friends from my time in Paris. We had a great lunch then headed to their boat for some swimming, tanning and waterskiing. I was so thrilled when I got to waterski again, it's been for ever since last time. From there we went to their house in Monaco and had dinner in Monte Carlo followed by going out.

Our days mostly consisted of going to lunch, the beach, dinner and then out. When it came to dinner we tried a few random places by our selves and went to some dinners with our friends. If you are looking for a great place to dine and drink before you head to the club, I would recommend L'ecrin and Boli. The both of them are right next to another, but L'ecrin is situated by the water and has a more lounge vibe, while Boli plays good music throughout you dinner and then turns into a club.

We went out almost every night. Accept from our night out in Monaco we either went to Gotha or Boli. Gotha is huge, but it was always a good time. We where there when Axwell and when Buster Rhimes played, which was a great deal of fun. Boli was our go to place and I have so many good memories there.