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The Parisian weekend

Hi cupcakes, 

Who else is having the Monday blues? This weekend was so nice, I just didn't feel like starting all over again. But you know, you kind of have to... Taking Victoria under my wing and taking her all over Paris to get a typical weekend, we got a lot done. 

Jacket (last season), Sweater (last season), Skirt (in stores now) - Zara, booties - BCBG, bag - Chanel

Started off by taking her to Trocadero for lunch and some tower pics. They are more or less unenviable for a tourist... I feel like I have passes my fair share, but Vic needed some. 

Both Friday and Saturday was spent in good company. All the girls and guys got together and went to La Villa. Had such a blast, with Old and new friends.  


Sunday the ultimate hangover day was spent at brunch near home. Pasta, pizza and dessert was on the menu. By the time we finished the rain was poring down and we just headed straight back to bed. 

Rosy winter in Paris

Jacket - Forever21, Topp and jeans - Zara, Headband - H&M, Bag - Celine, Boots - Paris shoe store

Victoria comes to Paris

Today my weekend got even better than it normally is in Paris. My best friend from Norway, Victoria came to visit me. So this weekend I will be taking on the job as tour guide and entertainer. In return I ordered her to take pictures for the blog. Haha. She has no choice. She joined me to class, which was so fun. She could finally see everything I had been talking about in APU. Afterwards we headed to the St Germain to take a stroll and eat some macaroons at Ladurée.   Now we are getting ready for a night out. Have a lovely Friday guys, it is after all my second favourite F-word

School is cool (ok)


Without realizing it, I have missed Paris so much! My friends, my routine, school and the city, it's all been away from me too long. It might sound surprising, but now that I'm back in my routine, school and homework doesn?t bother me. I'm so happy I have my girls in all of my classes so I'm never alone. With out them microeconomics, macroeconomics, organizational behavior and English could get a bit dull. Never the less, it?s rarely a dull moment in Paris. Now that the weekend is coming up I?m even more excited.

Sweater and jeans  - Zara, vest - Ralp Lauren Polo, Bag  - Balenciaga. 


First week back at college

Second day of school, and I have already developed a love/hate relationship with it, mostly love though. You know the feeling when you meet all your new teachers and find out what kind of student they like. Every new class I walk out off, I leave with sore cheeks. Not because it was such a hilarious class, but because I keep a constant smile on my mouth every time the professor looks my way. This is my "I'm absolutely loving your class and your teaching style, pleas make me your favorite student" look. I call it: College cooping mechanism. I find it makes the semesters a much easier ride. Other than that I have bombarded myself with new school supplies, every notepad, map, book and marker you could think of. Speaking from experience, I get a much better relationship with my homework if I can associate the work I do with shopping. (This at least applies for the first couple of weeks)

Jacket -  Mango (Buy it HERE), jeans - American Eagle (buy them HERE), Scarf - HERE, bag - celine, beanie - Zara

Be a chic snowman

I've been lucky, I have had a month off school for winter holiday, love a long vacay. That being said, a month in Norway in January can be a challenge. I at times feel like a walking polar bear or snow bunny with all my fur, hats and gloves. I'll tell you; it's not easy to be stylish in -10 C, weather. So the self-proclaimed winter fashion expert I am, I'll give you some tips. For me it's all about the accessories, so here are some budget friendly and luxurious ways to rock the snow season.

The Animal beanie; now ladies, let me introduce you to my latest obsession, the animal beanie. Love is not a strong enough word for how I feel about this piece. I just think it's the coolest thing to spice up a boring winter outfit with.

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   

The simple stuff; the essentials you need to always look good in the snow, for whatever occasion. The scarf has become one of my favorite pieces this season. And the great thing, everyone asks me if its Missoni, guess what, it was under 15 euros here!

1   2   3   4   



Now sometimes it might be better to invest in certain items, knowing you will have them for years, quality over quantity. A classic item such as a Burberry scarf will never go out of style, and I find myself grabbing for mine all the time. The quality factor makes sure it looks as good as new even after being used a hundred times. 

1   2   3   4   5  

Looking back at 2013 and into 2014

I would like to start this post by writing how proud I am of myself and my achievements in 2013. I see so many people be hard on themself, set to high standards for them self and with every year, forget the good they have done, and choose to focus on improving them self in the New Year. Yes, there is always room for improvement, but do not forget to look back, and give yourself a pat on the shoulder. And do not forget; only compete with yourself, improve your self and do better than you have already done. Comparing yourself with others is always a fail. 2013 was a year I took so many leaps, did so many new things and took a huge step into the adult world (even though I still feel like 90% of me is still a child). I moved to another country, I started living on my own and I began college. Yey me! I have made incredible friends, and I feel as if I have grown into a wiser and better person. Not to bad in just one year. In 2014, , I want to continue the growth I have shown in 2013. I wish to travel even more, learn about new cultures, do even better in school, and improve my French. I hope to learn how to be a tad more structured and wise with my time, this will be the year I go from efficient to super efficient. Last but not least, I want to have even more fun, laugh more and enjoy every minute of every day. I wish each and every one of you a fantastic new year. I hope you all achieve your goals, live your dreams and find happiness. This year has though me that life is precious its not a given but a gift. So enjoy it, love it and live it! Lots of love! banner_about_aup_1 bilde-13-800x800 Desktop53-800x600 IMG_3018-800x800 IMG_3266-800x936 IMG_3422-800x800 IMG_4092-800x800 IMG_0386-800x533 IMG_2857-800x800 IMG_0211-800x1200 IMG_0140-800x533 IMG_3617-800x800 IMG_3421-800x800 5d9c8262a13211e2a2f822000a9e0707_7 Desktop99-800x577 Desktop105-800x600 Desktop107-800x600 IMG_0045-800x800 IMG_1864-800x1200 DSC06723-800x533 IMG_0118 IMG_0114 DSC01965-800x1203 DSC02008-800x1210 DSC01919-800x531 Desktop144IMG_0155DSCN0004111IMG_0119DSCN0058IMG_0037bilde (18) IMG_2958Desktop143IMG_2799IMG_5053IMG_2711IMG_0365   IMG_7268IMG_0350IMG_0661IMG_5747DSCN9983IMG_5781IMG_6813IMG_6096 Desktop156 IMG_7251 IMG_7887 IMG_7946 IMG_0044 DSCN0111Wow, I have to say; a lot really did happen in 2013

Parc Güell

So my last day in Barcelona Alex, Sebastian and I decided to visit Parc Guell. Your inner child automatically comes out and you feel like you are in a world of either Willy Wonka or a gingerbread house. It?s really really cool! We where running and playing around the park for hours, before I finally had to leave to catch my plane back to Norway. If you are in Barcelona you HAVE to visit the park. It?s also on a hill so you get a magnificent view of the whole city. Quoting Alex; the park also holds the world record for longest bench! And Exciting news, Alex stared a blog! You can find it HERE!DSCN9983DSCN0008DSCN0020DSCN0029DSCN0035_2DSCN0040DSCN0050DSCN0062DSCN0072DSCN0074DSCN0078 DSCN9986

The Barcelona day

Yesterday we left some wonderful days in Madrid behind, and headed for Barcelona. We had so much fun the three of us, in Madrid. We met up with some of our Spanish friend Bea?s friends, as well. The days where filled with shopping, eating, museums and at night clubbing. Now that we are in Barcelona we have been doing about the same thing. I?m in love with the fact that the clubs are on the beach. Hopefully we will be coming back when summer is closing in. Today we also visited the famous building Casa Batllo, which was very cool. DSCN0011 DSCN0099DSCN0037DSCN0047DSCN0059DSCN0071DSCN0084 IMG_9322

Museum day in Madrid

We started the day off at an American diner for breakfast. After a bit of too much pancakes and sirup,  we rolled out of there. We deiced to have a cultural day; hence it's Sunday. The Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia was so cool. We wandered around the huge building for hours looking at everything from Pablo Picasso to Salvador Dali to Mark Rothko. We ended it with a little photo session in the gorgeous gardens.IMG_9212DSCN9990 DSCN9993 DSCN9996 IMG_9112 IMG_9157IMG_9125 IMG_9145IMG_9169 IMG_9177 IMG_9191 IMG_9200

Hello Madrid

What a fabulous way to start the new year. First week trip to Madrid. I flew down to meet up with my sweetheart Alexandrea and her brother. We are staying in Madrid for 4 days, then we go to Barcelona for 2 days. I've missed her sooo much this Christmas break at home, felt so good to see her again! I brought my camera so I'll try blogging every day!525316_10152107603098996_1632767231_n

Last day in Paris

I truly can't believe it's Christmas already. Time goes by so quickly, I'm already done with my first semester in college. Yesterday I had my last day in my magnificent city. It started off with a goodbye meal for two of the things I hold close to my heart, my bestie Beatrize (obesely), and our shared love, L'avenue. We enjoyed pancakes, hot chocolate and each others company before she left back to Spain.   IMG_8730DSCN0084DSCN0083DSCN0086DSCN0089DSCN0100Then I headed off with Farah. I was supposed to do some Christmas shopping in Hermes, but they where sold out off the item I was looking for (bummer). We had lunch, walked around and finally had to part as well. The taught of not seeing her for a month while she is in Saudi and Dubai and me in Norway makes me so sad.DSCN0106DSCN0107DSCN0111

2 down, 2 to go

Exam-week has officially begun. I've been "lucky" enough to have my exams all in just two days. So today I woke with the attitude, yes we can, skipped over to Starbucks for my mandatory coffee and started with English (this was the first day in almost a month I had to get up before 8). I thought I needed some self pampering in the two hour break I had before marketing, so I skipped over to the hairdresser, for a cut and a volumes blow dry, let me tell you the head massage was much needed! Then it was time for the well anticipated marketing exam. And if I hadn't justified my hard work all ready, I went to my self proclaimed after-exam lunch, at L'avenue. The greatest friends, supporters and listeners met me there, Farah and Bea. So bravo to me, I finished half of my exams for my first semester in uni, I'm definitely a big girl now! IMG_8684IMG_8685

Over the weekend

Time flies by sooo fast, I can't believe it. This was my last weekend in Paris before I go home for Christmas break. Already a semester in college done with, it feels like yesterday I had fist day jitters. Next week will be occupied with finals everyday, and on Friday I get to go home to Norway and the fam then spend the holidays with them.  IMG_8525 IMG_8533What is Christmas shopping in Paris without Lafayette? Nothing. Even dough you get pushed in every direction, claustrophobic and fear pick pockets in the massive crowd, it can't be missed.  IMG_8602IMG_8618Today Alex and her roommate introduced us to South-American food. Arepas, it's so good. We all literally rolled out of the restaurant.

A day in winter wonder land

Who has the christmas spirit running through their veins...? ME ME ME! Anyone else? That being said I decided to enjoy myself at winter wonderland here in Paris, for the third time. It never gets old or boring, does it? My beautiful Alex and I went, we shopped presies, ate chocolate, went down the slide (yes my inner child still lives) and took a whole lot of pictures.IMG_0044 Hohohoooo, who has been good this year? IMG_0046  IMG_0063 IMG_0068 IMG_0073  IMG_0078 IMG_0080 IMG_8487IMG_0081 IMG_8475 IMG_0075

Halloween weekend in London

Halloweek is by far my new favorite word. I think Halloween itself is fantastic, so being able to make it into a whole week, now that's just Fantabulous! Last week the girls and I hopped over the channel and planted our feet in British soil, and spent all of Halloweek in London. Not even Fantabulous is a good enough description of how good the week was. The most outstanding girls, every night out a blast and lets not overlook, we could dress up every day. Yes,  you get it, not even Fantabulous does it justice. For those of you are going to ask now, I have no clue when it comes to the London club scene. But my love ladies does, so we went to Maddox, Tonteria and Tramp. I was a very naughty blogger, bringing my camera, but not one single picture. So you will all have to live with my lousy Iphone pics.IMG_7208IMG_7227Desktop156IMG_7191IMG_7127

One of those mornings

p>Today is one of those mornings I just can't seem to get out of bed. I went to my early english class, only to go back to bed. Now I'm trying to drag myself out of it for the second time today. I still have a marketing class to attend. Tonight the girls and I are going to the first homeparty here, in Paris. We usually go to clubs, so that will be interesting. Sometimes I miss the homepartys back in Norway with all my friends and classmates. 

Farvell enn så lenge 


The typical Saturday

The past week has been filled with loads of homework and mid-terms. Now I only have one left, which feels wonderful. Other than that I do not feel  I have any significant updates for you guys. Reuniting with my girls in Paris was phenomenal and this weekend has been only sleepovers. In two weeks, we are headed for London, which I'm super thrilled about! Today Caro and I had our standard Saturday brunch together and stayed in bed all day chilling.IMG_6849Jeans, scarf & sweater  - Zara, shoes - Uggs, glasess - Ray Ban, hat - BikBokIMG_6869After way to many hours in bed walked the 2 min walk over to place Victor Hugo and had a pasta brunch with a delish desert. A meal in Paris with out dessert is usually nonexistent in my case...IMG_6886IMG_6877

O-town weekend

This weekend I took a break from my hectic, fun and fab life in Paris, and traded it in for some good old family time in Norway. I went home to Oslo to spend some time with my lovely mommy who isn?t feeling to well. I?ve been able to hang out with my brother, go for walks with my mom and enjoy the lovely weather my hometown graced me with, during my stay. IMG_6812IMG_6814

Sweater and jeans - Zara, scarf - Burberry, ballerinas - Chanel, Bag - FendiIMG_6813

Easy breezy


Bonsoir mi amors Paris her kept me worm and cozy for a while now, but I guess it's inevitable that in October there is going to be a breeze, today was sooo cold though. We had our first mid-term in class, something I felt went ok. Now it's time to party, this milestone calls for some shots, finally I can let loos and have fun again. Ask me how I feel about it in class at 9 tomorrow morning... Haha. Anyways have a great night loves! IMG_6776

Sunny shiny Paris

Paris has had the most gorgeous weather the past few days. Summer was back, and boy did I take advantage of that. I wiped out my fave shorts from way under all my autumn chunky sweaters, and was able to wear them one last time, before fall hits in for good. hopefully my ballerinas will be able to last a month or two before they will have to be put away as well, I'm not good with goodbyes... IMG_0662Doesn't the color of these shorts just instantly make you happy, they do that to me! IMG_6096IMG_0661

Blouse&Shorts - Zara, Jacket - Forever21, Ballerinas - Chanel, Bag - BalenciagaIMG_0678 IMG_0683

A Sunday Saturday

All day I have been imagining that it's Sunday. Caro and I woke up in a trance after last night. The only thing we managed to do was eat, eat and eat some more junk... We even managed to miss our massage appointment. Finally, by seven o'clock I hopped in the shower and we were able to crawl down to Ladurée and meet Farah. Now we are trying to plan a trip to Geneva in the near future, before we head out for the night.bbbIMG_0623For all my Norwegian readers, this image makes me think of one thing "like barn leker best IMG_0624IMG_0629

Jacket & top - Maje, jeans - levis, bag - Balenciaga, shoes  - tods

Too school for cool

Everything in Paris is going super duper, I could not have it better. Even though school is a bit challenging and tons of work, but I'm hanging in there. It's unmistakably a big BIG contrast from VGS, in Norway. If you (like me) thought that was difficult, you haven't seen anything yet. The teachers will give us a book to read and one night to do it... Other than that, I feel like I'm living in the clouds down here.IMG_0473 IMG_0499 IMG_0503

Jeans & shirt - Bik Bok, Sweater - Abercrombie, Shoes - BCBG, Bag - Balenciaga, Sunnies - Ray Ban

The end of the weekend

Hey dolls. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I certainly did. With the loveliest girls as company, how could I not? I have still not had time to feel homesick, considering we are like a little, loving and always laughing family. I spend today recovering from the past nights out on the town. Morning coffee, afternoon walking in Champ-de-Mars and girls night. Tomorrow is the first official day of school (exciting exciting!). IMG_0442 IMG_0459 Desktop153 IMG_5781 My fab girls from last night, Gabs and Farah <3photo

Emerald green

Hey dolls. Just now, looking over these pictures I realized it is almost the same as a prior outfit, well well. I spent my day eating lunch, getting my nails done, going to orientation classes and eating the loveliest flower icecream. At this moment,  my body is desperately crying out for a snooze before I head out for dinner and drinks.IMG_0360 IMG_0365

Topp & sandals - Zara, shorts - Bikbok, bag - Balenciaga, sunnies - Ray BanIMG_0382

IMG_5688 IMG_0390

Pantsy business

First few days of orientation week are over and done. It was like jumping into a pool, the first few seconds scary, and then it's all a bliss. Meeting new people and making friends is so simple and everyone is super friendly. After just hours, all my concerns vanished.I truly feel like choosing AUP and Paris for college was an excellent choice. Nothing feels better than knowing you have taken the right path, when there where so many ways to go.I'll start doing more regular Paris post once I get into my routine here.IMG_0336IMG_0339IMG_0348IMG_0350Desktop151

Pants and sandals - Zara, topp - Bel Air, bag - Balenciaga. 

Last day of vacay

It has been beyond nice to get my Mandy and some Norwegian blood down her. When you have someone familiar you feel so much safer and happier then when you're just surrounded by strangers. The other day we decided to stroll the city streets, with no agenda, just walking where ever the wind would blow.IMG_7101-682x1024IMG_7129-1024x682Im beyond thrilled we found a frozen yogurt place 2 minutes away form school. I don't even need to think about what I'm having for lunch now!IMG_7201-756x1024IMG_7155IMG_7137-1024x682IMG_7159IMG_7268We ended what turned out as hours of walking around, at the Cafe de Flore. Have you seen a cuter little cafe? I think it's right up there on the list with the cutes ones.

Hidden oasis

Outfit pictures from yesterday, how charming is this hidden oasis we stumbled upon walking the streets of Paris. In the middle of large buildings and busy streets, this charming side street accrued.   IMG_0288 IMG_0301 Loved combining my unique Moxy batman t-shirt with feminine floral lace shorts. IMG_0316

T-shirt - Moxy, shorts  - Zara , bag - BalenciagaIMG_7264

B-day dinner at marly

Yesterday was such a good birthday, but also a very different one. Instead of being surrounded by all darlings, I was in a city where I can count all the people I know on one hand. You would think it felt lonely, but far from it. Thanks to the bellowed internet I got so many texts from everyone I miss back home, and was just showered in the sweetest texts and birthday messages. Everyone was texting me through the day and checking up on me. In a weird way, I kind of felt more love coming my way then a typical birthday. It is funny how change and distance puts things in perspective and make you so appreciative of what and whom you have! And do not get me wrong I was not alone throughout the day. After coffee with Taylor and her roommate and shopping I met up with Hilary. We had a lovely birthday dinner at Cafe Marly. I have to add, the view is so pretty from their terrace. The pictures do not even do it justice. When in Paris, go there and watch the sun go down, then the louvre lights turn on.DSCN9993IMG_5603DSCN0005I was wearing my new jumpsuit from Zara that I'm dying to show you a better picture of! The shoes and blazer is also from Zara, I don't believe I have to tell you where the bag is from.  DSCN0004Desktop150

B-day girl

Long time no see, or in this situation read... Well now I'm back, back in Paris and back in the blogging business. For those of you that do not already know, its my BIRTHDAY today! I'm that type of person who just loooooves their birthday. So to celebrate my 19 years on this earth I headed over to Chanel, very appropriate if you ask me. I left with the best materialistic happiness feeling money can buy, and a pair of pure perfection ballerinas. Haven gotten well comfortable in the burning cash mode, I kept the celebration going, into some more stores. It is after all my birthday, and that is after all only once a year! 112111   Now I need to hop into some new clothes, do my hair and makeup, and then head out to dinner.

Random MIX

Sorry for the poor blogging guys... But being home for 2 weeks is kinda like my vacation, in a vacation... If you get what I mean...? I try to make the most of every day, and spend as much time with all of my loves, that I won't be seeing for a while. Therefor the blog is not on my mind as much as it is when I'm in my regular routine.Desktop148Last night I was just browsing through weheartit and pintrest, and I came across these pictures of me. They are from my previous, Norwegian blog. I thought it would be fun showing you, in case you just started reading recently. (You can notice I do not have much to blog about when we are just doing a flashback post...)

Love HBO

If someone knows how to put together an event, it's HBO. They have an eye for details, and every event is always so well done. Yesterday they were screening the premiere of The White Queen. I love costume dramas that take place in historical events. So this series is right up my alley.IMG_0085We were invited to one of the oldest buildings in Oslo, greeted with flower bands and champagne. They then led us into a restored room from the medieval times, where the show was shown. Afterwards, it was time for some food, mingling and some more cocktails to sip on.IMG_0101Jacket - BCBG max azria, jeans - H&M, topp - Forever21, shoes - Zara, bag - BalenciagaIMG_0113 IMG_0119

More fun from the weekend

So here are some more fun photos from the weekend Mari visited me in Paris. The nice thing about having someone come and see me, is the I forces you to try new things and play around in the city all day. Obvious you can't sit around half the day, and do nothing.IMG_0037One of the maybe most fun things we did, was renting a bike and spin around the city. We had so many laughs, joked around all day. It was just a blast. They have these bikes all over Paris. So if you are visiting and have some spare time, give it a go! You will love it!IMG_0080IMG_0082IMG_5255IMG_5271After saying our goodbyes to the bikes, we strolled over to the Jardin des Tuileries. The grounds are so beautiful and to get an even better view we took the ferris wheel. I always tell people, if you do not want the 2 hours line at the Eiffel tower, give the wheel a go. No line, cheap and amazing views!IMG_2964My darling <3DSCN0058IMG_5246IMG_5244By pure coincidence we wandered into Pierre Hermé. A luxury macron brand. Forget Laudrée, this is the real deal. The macrons where sooo tasty, and their strawberry/orange sorbet, was the best I've ever tasted. That is coming from someone that takes pride in being a sorbet lover and expert. 

L'avenue lunch

One of my top five places to wine and dine in Paris is, L'avenue. especially during the summer months, when you can sit outside and enjoy the food, fashion and fabulousness that surrounds the restaurant. It's a hotspot for celebrities and a favorite of the chic Parisians. More or less every time I visit Paris I visit L'avenue. Lucky for me, now I can eat there all the time! I would highly recommend a pitstop there. Either for lunch or dinner.DSCN9982DSCN9983 This time around I chose the spicy chicken springrools, soooo delish!DSCN9985

le freak c'est chic

IMG_0017 IMG_0014

IMG_9993 Jumpsuit & sandals - Zara, bag - Balenciaga, sunnies - Ray BanIMG_0009

Last nights look

Where do I begin...? Last night was such a blast. Seeing Mari again was the best feeling ever. When it comes to our little adventure out on the town, I will sadly have to leave that out of the blog. I will say though that it was unforgettable... As almost all of the clubs in Paris are closed in August (not the best month to visit if you fancy going clubbing), we had to try out a new one. VIP room, it was good, not great, but I believe that is the lack of most partypeople in the city this month. Regardless, we had an epic night.Desktop147

Dress - Nelly, jacket - Mango, shoes - Zara, bag - ChanelDSCN0046DSCN0044Now we are headed out for the best hangover cure, shopping and coffee. Maris volunteered to be my blog manager today. So no more strangers taking a picture of me. I think that calls for a hurray!

Have a lovely day!

Happy morning

God morning cupcakes. Just stopping by to share some happy moments, and spread the feeling. I've been waiting for this day ever since Ella and Fanny had to go home. Today my happy camper Mari, is finally coming to see me. I've had so many lonely days in Paris the last weeks. I've managed, but it sucks being here all by myself. So this visit has been highly anticipated. This weekend will be so much fun! I'm going to be Mari's Paris guide. Take her to the best restaurants, clubs and show her all my beloved Paris has to offer.bilde (18)

Evening in St Germain

This evening I had a dinner date with the lovely Hilary, who is also starting at AUP. She lives in the super cute St Germain area, so we met up there. We strolled, until we found an equally as cute restaurant. We ended up at Les Deux Magots, where I had a delish plate of grilled shrimp, and sipped on a glass of Chardonnay. I do not know if it's the summer effect or if I've just changed. Lately, all I eat is seafood. Loving it!IMG_2931 IMG_2936 IMG_2943 IMG_2950

Dess - Bik Bok, Bag - Balenciaga, Sandals - Steve Madden


As the sun went down, we took a little walk in the neighborhood. Through the tiny streets filled with tiny restaurants. We stopped at Grom for some gelato. It's supposedly one of the best places in Paris to enjoy a scoop (or in my case two). All I can say is; I totally agree! If you fancy popping by, you can find it at 81 Rue de Sein


Casual Sunday

Hi lovebugs. Hope you´re having a nice and chill Sunday. It is after all the day to lie around and do nothing. On the contrary, though, today I got up and outside and did something. For days,  a significant problem has been that none of the other students from AUP, are in Paris yet. So here I am in this big, wonderful but also overwhelming city alone. Luckily, through the school Facebook page I got in touch with a Londoner, working in Paris. So we got together and met up for Sunday brunch. Finally some human contact, with a native English speaker. The only other place I do not feel judged speaking English is Starbucks.IMG_2912After a nice brunch I decided to take a stroll through the park surrounding the Eiffel Tower, and enjoy the nice weather.  IMG_2923IMG_2914IMG_2909IMG_2905

Model for Max Factor

So finally I can tell you guys these exciting news. Remember a couple weeks ago I blogged about attending a Max Factor event? Well the purpose of this was to be a part of the new Max Factor campaign; GO WILD! We all got our makeup done and had a photoshoot and now, at last I can show you the results! It was so much fun and is such an honor to be chosen! In the upcoming weeks,  you will be able to see my eyes representing the Nude Black look in the campaign. It will appear online, in Vita stores and in magazines. _4265 (1)What do you guys think of the photo? I think most people who knows me will be able to tell its my eyes. Skjermbilde 2013-08-03 kl. 20.43.05Skjermbilde 2013-08-03 kl. 20.42.51


Day 4 in Paris alone now. Even though it is not the most fun being all alone, it has been ok. Starting to get tired of my solo dates at Starbucks every day, but I'm getting by. Luckily I'm meeting up with some of the girls from AUP tomorrow, and this weekend I'm meeting one of the boys. Other than that my days have not been that productive. It is soooo hot here, trying to stay inside. But you know me, I always find the energy to go shopping. IMG_5139 IMG_5146 Not the best outfit pic, but hens I'm alone. It was either taking  a picture in the mirror at Zara, or asking a stranger. I rather go with the first option!IMG_5154 What do you guys think about these shoes by the way? Ever since I saw the Isabel Marant shoes I have hated them. But now, I have to admit they are growing on me. It's evolved more into a love/hate relationship. IMG_5159 IMG_5160


A couple of days before I left my darling Norway I gathered all of my friends for a farewell party. It was such a bitter sweet night. On one side, it was so nice to see all of my friends together, and everyone was there. On the other hand, in the back of my mind I was thinking of why we where all gathered that night. To say goodbye....   Anyway, thank you all for coming. I will truly miss each and every one of you!IMG_0155I love this picture so much. It's the imperfection of it that makes it so perfect.Desktop144 I will say though, the day after was not so pleasant. Note to my self. NEVER have a party two days before your moving, and not packed. I spent my whole last day in Norway packing and cleaning. Not ideal activities while suffering from a severe hangover... Well well, lesson learnd.

Peach perfect

For a Norwegian (arctic) born and raised girl like me, one of the biggest benefits of living a little further down south, is the weather. In Norway we get 1-2 weeks of good summer days. The rest is rain, fog and cold days... Here I can really wipp out my summer wardrobe, and not worry about freezing. Even though a rain storm passes by now and then (quite often actually), but i can live with that. Desktop143 IMG_2829 IMG_2837 IMG_2858

Shorts and sandals  - Zara, top - Tobi.com, bag - Balenciaga, Sunnies - Ray Ban

Wine and dine

On saturday,  I took Ella to my fave Place to wine&dine in Paris, the restaurant in Hotel Costes. I love the Parisian garden feel it has, and the vibe is always so good. Not to mention the food, it's impeccable. It is the perfect pitstop if your going out after, seeing that everyone is always dressed up there.IMG_5108 IMG_5118 In the mood for seafood, I went with the king crayfish, so delish. I would recommend the mashed-potatoes as a side, the best I've ever tasted! The only downside  is the French menu. It can make it hard to know what your ordering. Poor Ella thought she was ordering steak, as in meat. Instead, she was served a steak of tuna. Hahaha. At least it gave us a good laugh!IMG_2791 Dress from Zara and bag Chanel IMG_2749 After dinner we decided to take a walk and se Paris by night. The city is just as beautiful at night time as in the day time. it truly lives up t the name, city of lights.  IMG_2799 IMG_2805

Hello there Paris

This is my new blog about my new adventure, my move to Paris. I decided to not only make a lifestyle change but also give my blog one as well. So from now on I will blog from LEAREIFF.COM not femelle. And I will do so in English. During my move over the weekend i brought my lovely friends Ella and Fanny. I thank good every time i say that. Because this move would not have happened without these two happy helpers. Bringing my whole wardrobe, setting up an apartment, buying lifesavers at the store. I was clueless. So thank you so much my darlings. IMG_2711 IMG_5073 IMG_5068 IMG_2726 Some snapshots from our first days. We spent them 50/50 in moving-mode and the rest in shopping&eating mode. Live, eat, sleep, move and shop was our schedule. IMG_2812 IMG_2819 IMG_5127 Of course we had to lunch at Ladurée. It's mandatory when in Paris. And who doesn't love a sugar kick from macrons? IMG_2851

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