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The sunshine state

Hey guys. Spring break is finally here! Well I can't complain, I only had a month of school before we were off again. I spent my first days off flying to Chicago and spending some time with the fam. Then I flew down to Tampa, Florida with my aunt and uncle for some relaxation. Tomorrow I'm back in the air,  destination  Miami. Alex is waiting for me there, and we are spending a week together. Love spending time with my family but a week in Miami with Alex is just my cup of tea, some fun in the sun!

Jeans and top - Mango, Jacket - BCBG, Belt - Hermes, shoes - Tods

Keeping it Casual

We all have those days after a fun night, where we just need to keep it casual and comfy, I bet you all know what I'm talking about. For me these days require big hoodies and shades(!), now and then a beanie is good as well, to cover up that messy party hair.

My hoodie is from Dolce & Gabana (mens), get similar HERE,  and the sunnies are from Mango get similar HERE & HERE

More L-o-n-d-o-n

Such a bad blogger, it's been over a week and I haven't even come to post my last post on London. If you have a blog you might as well use it. Well I say better late than never. So here you go, a bit more London pics. 

It was in many ways a whirlwind of a weekend, which was laid out like this; eat, drink, sleep repeat. Eat, drink, sleep repeat. We wanted to incorporate some touristic things into that pattern as well, but as hard as you try we can't always be super women and do it all. So yeah, we stuck to what we know best eating and partying.

Yumm yumm yumm. We went to the organic place Good life eatery. Such delish and tasty meals, and being on a liquid diet, we felt super good mentally and physically absorbing something healthy. 

Secong night we hit Tramp, such a fun place with even more fun friends. Love my girls!

New day new door. Wearing; mango jacket, Zara jeans and top, tods shoes, balenciaga bag, topshop hat, Hermes belt. 

Now I hear so much good things and tastes about this place all the time, so I told the girls YOU ARE TAKING ME. Burger and lobster, at Harvey Nichols.Such a good way to end a weekend of fun. 

And then a litte treat to end with, ice cream bar at Harrods. Need I say more?

London calling

The great thing about Paris is that London is just a train ride away. Take a little nap and 2 hours later you are in London. This weekend the girls and I decided we needed a fun party weekend outside Paris, so we jumped on eurostar, and swosh we where in England. 

The first night, we met up with all of Farah and Tamam?s friends from Saudi. I always joke about how much I love Saudi people, but I genuinely think they are the nicest people I have ever met, love them! Dinner was set at Farah?s favorite, Sumosan, before we headed over to District, to see Kid Ink.

Jacket & topp - Mango, jeans - Cubus, shoes - Tods, bag - Chanel, belt  - Hermes, Sunglasses - Tom Ford. 

Touchdown Paris

New week, new beginnings. For me the week started today, hence I was in Norway until yesterday night. I really feel like a proper student when my carry-on is filled up with my economics and marketing books, and the flight is not endured with sweet dreams in the sky, but readings and notes. 

Anyways, it?s always great to be back ?home?, in Paris. Today I started off the day and week in a good manner, coffee with my dear Alex, before heading over to Macroeconomics. At this moment, I?m having a small break before I take on an English class. Have a awesome day everybody!♥

Jeans and top - Mango, Jacket & Headband- Zara, Scarf - Tobi, Shoes - Converse, Bag - Celine. 

The bunny is in Oslo


I literally feel like a bunny walking around in this coat. That being said, it doesn?t bother me that much, more like a cute bunny. In Norway we say ?aldri dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær.? Which translates to; there is no bad weather, only clothing. If you got to stay warm, then you might as well rap your self up in fur, and look nice. If you fancy looing like a fluffy bunny to, you can get the coat HERE.

Coat - HERE, bag - Celine, hat - fur store in Oslo, jeans - Mango, gloves - H&M, boots - UGGS.

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