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A blast from the past

So a little to late but here it is, my last Miami post. I all ready miss it so much; it must have been one of my favorite vacations of all time. The weather, the people everything! The last days where so good, our final night ended up being spent all at the club story and then straight off to the airport. Not the most pleasant flight, but so worth it though! Looking back at all the photos makes it so bitter sweet. But one thing is for sure. I'm going back in not long. 

Loving the sunshine

There is no better feeling than knowing that the sun is up and you can jump straight in the pool, the minute you wake up. I'm pretty sure all of you Norwegians get what I'm talking about... I cannot even begin to explain how much I'm loving the warm weather, compared to Paris. Wearing shorts, dresses and sunglasses everyday actually makes me really happy. 

Dress - H&M, sandals - Sam Edelman, bag - Fendi, sunglasses - Ray Ban

Sunday fun day

Hello sweethearts,

Still having a blast in Miami. After a couple nights of high alcohol consumption we decided to have a chill day and just take it easy. We stared off by just chilling by the pool, followed by lunch and shopping in the groove. Later we drove over to Wynwood which is an area with graffiti on all the buildings, really cool. We ended the day by going to dinner in Midtown in a restaurant called Gigis, the food was to die for! Unfortunately my camera had ran out of battery by that time.



Spring break continues... Finally reunited with my Love, Alex, nothing beats Miami with her! Got here on Friday and so far we have mostly been eating, drinking and enjoying the sun. heheheh... Very productive! A bunch of our good friends from Paris are also here, so it's like a little Paris reunion when we go out. So much fun. 

Trying to do the impossible... Have had so many laughs with this funny one. The fact that it took her 30 minutes to fill up gas is just indescribable.... Our life is a joke. 

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