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12.06.2014, kl.19:30 × 1 Kommentar

Not much more going on in Greece today. Spent the day by the pool and in the spa + a little game chess game played in the gardens of the hotel. 

Bikini - Zara & Hat - H&M


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Yet another day in Greece

11.06.2014, kl.17:18 × 1 Kommentar

Today has been pretty much like all the other days here in Greece; very peaceful and relaxing. But I decided to have a bit of fun on the beach, so I dragged my bother out on a boat with me so I could water ski. I used to do it all the time a couple years back and I just love it. Jumping over the waves and the water splash in your face is such a lovely fun feeling. 

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Maxin Relaxing

10.06.2014, kl.12:48 × 4 Kommentarer

I'm having such a lovely and relaxing time here in Greece. I work my days around what time I want to eat and tan, and that is just it. I feel like my inner Nemo is coming out, and I'm having a blast snorkeling in the water. Later today I think I might take up and old hobby of mine, water-skiing. Miss it so much, so I really want to do that while I'm here! 

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Earlybird in Greece

08.06.2014, kl.14:44 × 1 Kommentar

Woke up super early this morning (9... sorry I'm in Vacation mode). Starred my day off at the gym and then headed to the breakfast. I guess my time on the treadmill was a bit of a waste after I satisfied my self with Nutella crepes, oh well. After sometime on the beach the clouds came so now I'm headed to the spa for some treatments. 

Bikini - Lindex, Hat and scarf - H&M, sunnies  - Ray Ban

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dinner outfit

08.06.2014, kl.00:18 × 3 Kommentarer

I'm so in vacation mode, its like eat, sleep drink and just adding tan and swim. After a couple hours on the beach I was ready for dinner. The hotel had several different restaurants, but we decided to go with the buffet today. And let me tell you, I think I ate my weight in deserts and carbs. Gym time tomorrow morning!  

Top - Bik Bok, Shorts - H&M, Bag - Balenciaga, Shoes  - Accessorize, Necklace - Zara

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07.06.2014, kl.13:15 × 4 Kommentarer

This week my brother and I where talking about taking a trip to Greece together. Since I'm moving to Miami and going to spend a lot of time in the states, I wanted a last European vacation before I leave the continent and head across the pond. So this morning we jumped on a plane headed to Corfu in Greece. It's only been a couple hours since we arrived, but I'm loving it so far. We decided to stay at a 5 star resort so we could just relax and spend a lot of time at the hotel. The coming days I plan to spend focusing on my vitamin D intake (aka, getting a nice tan), working out and going to the spa. 

Hat  - HERE (H&M), Sunnies - HERE (Ray ban)

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First outfit of June

01.06.2014, kl.12:31 × 6 Kommentarer

June has arrived and with it, it has brought outstanding summer weather here in Oslo. I spent my day yesterday at the beach and plan on doing the same today. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and enjoy this first day of june! 

Topp - Abercrombie, shorts - Zara, bag - Louis Vuitton, Sunglasess - Thierry Lasry

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