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Blend in på beachen

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Be a chic snowman

I've been lucky, I have had a month off school for winter holiday, love a long vacay. That being said, a month in Norway in January can be a challenge. I at times feel like a walking polar bear or snow bunny with all my fur, hats and gloves. I'll tell you; it's not easy to be stylish in -10 C, weather. So the self-proclaimed winter fashion expert I am, I'll give you some tips. For me it's all about the accessories, so here are some budget friendly and luxurious ways to rock the snow season.

The Animal beanie; now ladies, let me introduce you to my latest obsession, the animal beanie. Love is not a strong enough word for how I feel about this piece. I just think it's the coolest thing to spice up a boring winter outfit with.

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The simple stuff; the essentials you need to always look good in the snow, for whatever occasion. The scarf has become one of my favorite pieces this season. And the great thing, everyone asks me if its Missoni, guess what, it was under 15 euros here!

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Now sometimes it might be better to invest in certain items, knowing you will have them for years, quality over quantity. A classic item such as a Burberry scarf will never go out of style, and I find myself grabbing for mine all the time. The quality factor makes sure it looks as good as new even after being used a hundred times. 

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