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Caribbean casual

Når jeg bladde gjennom kamera mitt i morges så jeg at jeg hadde litt bilder fra påskeferien min i Haiti, som jeg aldri la ut. Så da tenkte jeg jeg like så godt kunne gjøre det nå, var jo alltids planen uansett, bedre sent enn aldri. Apropos Haiti, herregud som jeg savner det! Får alltid masse spørsmål av folk når de hører jeg reiser dit ofte, og en veldig kort forklaring på det, er at noen av mine beste venner bor der. Blir fort sånn at vennegjengen blir litt spredd ut over verden, når man går på skole i utlandet, og det er jo ofte fint, men innimellom veldig kjipt også. Men men, nå skal jeg snart reuintes med en av mine BFF's fra Haiti, Emilie I London om noen dager, så det blir kos kos.

Bluse - Zara// Shorts  - Levis// Clutch - Valentino, kjøpes HER // Solbriller - Celine.

Sunny weekend

Endelig er våren kommet til London også. Jeg er blitt så bortskjemt med flott vær og skinnende sol av å bo i Miami i to år, så det å flytte til London var litt av en turn around. Men etter en litt treg vinter med mye regn ser det ut til at våren er kommet til London, Thank God! Både lørdag og søndag ble brukt på å nyte det fine været mest mulig. Var en relativt lat helg for meg, gikk tur rundt i byen, møtte venner for lunsj og shoppet litt begge dagene. Alt i alt veldig hyggelig. 

Jakke - Zara// Genser  - H&M// Jeans - 7 for all mankind// Solbriller - Asos (kjøpes HER) // Veske - Sain Laurent (kan kjøpes ny HER og brukt HER) // Ballerinas - Chanel (flere varianter selges HER)

Back in Miami

I'm finally back home in Miami, and it feels so good. Eline and I got here on Friday, since then we have been running around getting the apartment in shape, catching up with friends and getting back on track with everything that needs to be done.

Top - Sandro, skirt  - Forever 21, Bag - Chloé, Sunnies - Celiné, Sandals  - Steve Madden. 

Earlybird in Greece

Woke up super early this morning (9... sorry I'm in Vacation mode). Starred my day off at the gym and then headed to the breakfast. I guess my time on the treadmill was a bit of a waste after I satisfied my self with Nutella crepes, oh well. After sometime on the beach the clouds came so now I'm headed to the spa for some treatments. 

Bikini - Lindex, Hat and scarf - H&M, sunnies  - Ray Ban

dinner outfit

I'm so in vacation mode, its like eat, sleep drink and just adding tan and swim. After a couple hours on the beach I was ready for dinner. The hotel had several different restaurants, but we decided to go with the buffet today. And let me tell you, I think I ate my weight in deserts and carbs. Gym time tomorrow morning!  

Top - Bik Bok, Shorts - H&M, Bag - Balenciaga, Shoes  - Accessorize, Necklace - Zara

First outfit of June

June has arrived and with it, it has brought outstanding summer weather here in Oslo. I spent my day yesterday at the beach and plan on doing the same today. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and enjoy this first day of june! 

Topp - Abercrombie, shorts - Zara, bag - Louis Vuitton, Sunglasess - Thierry Lasry

Sunday walks in Paris

Last night was my last night clubbing in Paris (so bitter sweet). Today I woke up with a itch to get out and rome the city for one last sunday walk and just absorb its feel. 

3 minutes into our walk along the Seine it started PORING down, like there was no tomorrow. Luckily Alex brought her umbrella, and after I got to play around with my inner Mary Poppins.

After lunch the weather and the mood shifted completely, and Paris showed itself from it's most beautiful side, with not only one but two rainbows and sun shining.  

Jeans  - Mango, Top - Zara, Jacket - H&M, shoes - Stradivarius, sunnies - Ray Ban, bag - Balenciaga

A day at the tennis

So our original purpose of taking this trip was to attend the tennis tournament my friend Beatrize's friend was sponsoring with his (super cool) sunglass company Mr. Boho. It was such a good day, with great friends, weather and watching the games. Even though we where hanging a bit after the night before, that ended a 6 am, we managed to have a amazing time. When we got back to the hotel on the other hand, we all nearly passed out, sooo tired. 

Top, shoes & sunnies - Stradivarius, bag - Balenciaga


Bag HERE, shoes  - HERE, shorts - HERE, top - HERE, sunnies - HERE




I have had such a nice and relaxing Easter break in Paris. But now it's time to go back to school mode and put in an extra effort the last month. It's so surreal to think that I don't even have four weeks left in AUP. To those who where wondering, yes I'm leaving Paris. But I'll say more about that in another post. Anyways, this weekend my friends from Norway have come to visit, I'm so excited to show them around Paris and take them to all my fave places. 

Pants & Topp - Zara, Jacket - H&M, Shoes - Tods, Bag - Balenciaga, Necklace - Forever21

Easter break


Spring is finally arriving in Paris and my Easter break has just begun. Before school is over I only have 3 weekends left in Paris. Time has just flown by, I can't believe it. I feel like the next days of I should spend doing the Parisian things I have yet to do, before it?s to late. Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing easter break. 

Loving the sunshine

There is no better feeling than knowing that the sun is up and you can jump straight in the pool, the minute you wake up. I'm pretty sure all of you Norwegians get what I'm talking about... I cannot even begin to explain how much I'm loving the warm weather, compared to Paris. Wearing shorts, dresses and sunglasses everyday actually makes me really happy. 

Dress - H&M, sandals - Sam Edelman, bag - Fendi, sunglasses - Ray Ban

The sunshine state

Hey guys. Spring break is finally here! Well I can't complain, I only had a month of school before we were off again. I spent my first days off flying to Chicago and spending some time with the fam. Then I flew down to Tampa, Florida with my aunt and uncle for some relaxation. Tomorrow I'm back in the air,  destination  Miami. Alex is waiting for me there, and we are spending a week together. Love spending time with my family but a week in Miami with Alex is just my cup of tea, some fun in the sun!

Jeans and top - Mango, Jacket - BCBG, Belt - Hermes, shoes - Tods

Touchdown Paris

New week, new beginnings. For me the week started today, hence I was in Norway until yesterday night. I really feel like a proper student when my carry-on is filled up with my economics and marketing books, and the flight is not endured with sweet dreams in the sky, but readings and notes. 

Anyways, it?s always great to be back ?home?, in Paris. Today I started off the day and week in a good manner, coffee with my dear Alex, before heading over to Macroeconomics. At this moment, I?m having a small break before I take on an English class. Have a awesome day everybody!♥

Jeans and top - Mango, Jacket & Headband- Zara, Scarf - Tobi, Shoes - Converse, Bag - Celine. 

The bunny is in Oslo


I literally feel like a bunny walking around in this coat. That being said, it doesn?t bother me that much, more like a cute bunny. In Norway we say ?aldri dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær.? Which translates to; there is no bad weather, only clothing. If you got to stay warm, then you might as well rap your self up in fur, and look nice. If you fancy looing like a fluffy bunny to, you can get the coat HERE.

Coat - HERE, bag - Celine, hat - fur store in Oslo, jeans - Mango, gloves - H&M, boots - UGGS.

Rosy winter in Paris

Jacket - Forever21, Topp and jeans - Zara, Headband - H&M, Bag - Celine, Boots - Paris shoe store

School is cool (ok)


Without realizing it, I have missed Paris so much! My friends, my routine, school and the city, it's all been away from me too long. It might sound surprising, but now that I'm back in my routine, school and homework doesn?t bother me. I'm so happy I have my girls in all of my classes so I'm never alone. With out them microeconomics, macroeconomics, organizational behavior and English could get a bit dull. Never the less, it?s rarely a dull moment in Paris. Now that the weekend is coming up I?m even more excited.

Sweater and jeans  - Zara, vest - Ralp Lauren Polo, Bag  - Balenciaga. 


First week back at college

Second day of school, and I have already developed a love/hate relationship with it, mostly love though. You know the feeling when you meet all your new teachers and find out what kind of student they like. Every new class I walk out off, I leave with sore cheeks. Not because it was such a hilarious class, but because I keep a constant smile on my mouth every time the professor looks my way. This is my "I'm absolutely loving your class and your teaching style, pleas make me your favorite student" look. I call it: College cooping mechanism. I find it makes the semesters a much easier ride. Other than that I have bombarded myself with new school supplies, every notepad, map, book and marker you could think of. Speaking from experience, I get a much better relationship with my homework if I can associate the work I do with shopping. (This at least applies for the first couple of weeks)

Jacket -  Mango (Buy it HERE), jeans - American Eagle (buy them HERE), Scarf - HERE, bag - celine, beanie - Zara

Easy breezy


Bonsoir mi amors Paris her kept me worm and cozy for a while now, but I guess it's inevitable that in October there is going to be a breeze, today was sooo cold though. We had our first mid-term in class, something I felt went ok. Now it's time to party, this milestone calls for some shots, finally I can let loos and have fun again. Ask me how I feel about it in class at 9 tomorrow morning... Haha. Anyways have a great night loves! IMG_6776

Sunny shiny Paris

Paris has had the most gorgeous weather the past few days. Summer was back, and boy did I take advantage of that. I wiped out my fave shorts from way under all my autumn chunky sweaters, and was able to wear them one last time, before fall hits in for good. hopefully my ballerinas will be able to last a month or two before they will have to be put away as well, I'm not good with goodbyes... IMG_0662Doesn't the color of these shorts just instantly make you happy, they do that to me! IMG_6096IMG_0661

Blouse&Shorts - Zara, Jacket - Forever21, Ballerinas - Chanel, Bag - BalenciagaIMG_0678 IMG_0683

Too school for cool

Everything in Paris is going super duper, I could not have it better. Even though school is a bit challenging and tons of work, but I'm hanging in there. It's unmistakably a big BIG contrast from VGS, in Norway. If you (like me) thought that was difficult, you haven't seen anything yet. The teachers will give us a book to read and one night to do it... Other than that, I feel like I'm living in the clouds down here.IMG_0473 IMG_0499 IMG_0503

Jeans & shirt - Bik Bok, Sweater - Abercrombie, Shoes - BCBG, Bag - Balenciaga, Sunnies - Ray Ban

Emerald green

Hey dolls. Just now, looking over these pictures I realized it is almost the same as a prior outfit, well well. I spent my day eating lunch, getting my nails done, going to orientation classes and eating the loveliest flower icecream. At this moment,  my body is desperately crying out for a snooze before I head out for dinner and drinks.IMG_0360 IMG_0365

Topp & sandals - Zara, shorts - Bikbok, bag - Balenciaga, sunnies - Ray BanIMG_0382

IMG_5688 IMG_0390

Pantsy business

First few days of orientation week are over and done. It was like jumping into a pool, the first few seconds scary, and then it's all a bliss. Meeting new people and making friends is so simple and everyone is super friendly. After just hours, all my concerns vanished.I truly feel like choosing AUP and Paris for college was an excellent choice. Nothing feels better than knowing you have taken the right path, when there where so many ways to go.I'll start doing more regular Paris post once I get into my routine here.IMG_0336IMG_0339IMG_0348IMG_0350Desktop151

Pants and sandals - Zara, topp - Bel Air, bag - Balenciaga. 

le freak c'est chic

IMG_0017 IMG_0014

IMG_9993 Jumpsuit & sandals - Zara, bag - Balenciaga, sunnies - Ray BanIMG_0009

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