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Holiday in Haiti

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Hallo fra Haiti!

Nok en gang er jeg på besøk i et av mine favoritt land, Haiti. Dette er faktisk den femte gangen jeg er her, og jeg elsker det bare mer og mer for hver gang. Til de som lurer, så er jeg på besøk hos vennene mine fra Paris. Noen av mine beste venner fra studiene mine der er fra Haiti, og nå som de har flyttet hjem prøver jeg å se og besøke de så ofte som mulig. 

Jeg kom hit fra Miami fredag morgen og da dro vi rett til Beach huset. Helgen tilbrakte vi like mye til vanns som til lands. 


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If I had to choose my favorite vacation ever, this years trip to Cannes would probably take the win.

If you follow me on Snapchat  Leareiff* or on Instagram you might have picked up that I had an amazing holiday. Me and my two BFF's, Eline and Mari packed our bags and spent 9 amazing days by the French Riviera, half way through the trip, we where also joined by Elines cousin Thilde. The amount of laughs we shared must be equivalent to a stomach workout of 1000 situps a day, I feel as if I came home with a six-pack.

It's a bit hard to squeeze our days there into a post that would be organized and feature day by day. I had the intention of taking loads of pictures for the blog, but carried away with all of our fun, the camera got left behind(this always happens to me). But we did take a lot of photos with our phones to document this and that, so I will try to give you guys a recap and glimpse into our trip.


Most of our days where spent soaking up the sun at Bâoli beach on the Crossete. We tried some other beach clubs but this was by far my favorite. Their location on the beach is perfect, the food and snacks are good and it has great ambiance. We started most of the days with lunch there, then headed down to the beach.

Besides staying on the beach during the day in Cannes, we also visited Mala beach. A super nice and a bit secluded beach about 50 min drive from Cannes. There we met up with some of my friends from my time in Paris. We had a great lunch then headed to their boat for some swimming, tanning and waterskiing. I was so thrilled when I got to waterski again, it's been for ever since last time. From there we went to their house in Monaco and had dinner in Monte Carlo followed by going out.

Our days mostly consisted of going to lunch, the beach, dinner and then out. When it came to dinner we tried a few random places by our selves and went to some dinners with our friends. If you are looking for a great place to dine and drink before you head to the club, I would recommend L'ecrin and Bâoli. The both of them are right next to another, but L'ecrin is situated by the water and has a more lounge vibe, while Bâoli plays good music throughout you dinner and then turns into a club.

We went out almost every night. Accept from our night out in Monaco we either went to Gotha or Bâoli. Gotha is huge, but it was always a good time. We where there when Axwell and when Buster Rhimes played, which was a great deal of fun. Bâoli was our go to place and I have so many good memories there.






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Postcard of the day

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Not much more going on in Greece today. Spent the day by the pool and in the spa + a little game chess game played in the gardens of the hotel. 

Bikini - Zara & Hat - H&M


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Yet another day in Greece

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Today has been pretty much like all the other days here in Greece; very peaceful and relaxing. But I decided to have a bit of fun on the beach, so I dragged my bother out on a boat with me so I could water ski. I used to do it all the time a couple years back and I just love it. Jumping over the waves and the water splash in your face is such a lovely fun feeling. 

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Maxin Relaxing

10.06.2014, kl.12:48 × 4 Kommentarer

I'm having such a lovely and relaxing time here in Greece. I work my days around what time I want to eat and tan, and that is just it. I feel like my inner Nemo is coming out, and I'm having a blast snorkeling in the water. Later today I think I might take up and old hobby of mine, water-skiing. Miss it so much, so I really want to do that while I'm here! 

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07.06.2014, kl.13:15 × 4 Kommentarer

This week my brother and I where talking about taking a trip to Greece together. Since I'm moving to Miami and going to spend a lot of time in the states, I wanted a last European vacation before I leave the continent and head across the pond. So this morning we jumped on a plane headed to Corfu in Greece. It's only been a couple hours since we arrived, but I'm loving it so far. We decided to stay at a 5 star resort so we could just relax and spend a lot of time at the hotel. The coming days I plan to spend focusing on my vitamin D intake (aka, getting a nice tan), working out and going to the spa. 

Hat  - HERE (H&M), Sunnies - HERE (Ray ban)

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Playdate @ Versailles

15.05.2014, kl.00:46 × 6 Kommentarer

So on tuesday Alex and I made it a point to visit the castle of Versailles. I am after all leaving Paris on Friday, and having spent a year in the city, without visiting the land mark would be a bit of a shame. The both of us thought it would be a a hit&run, in and out just looking the the most known things. In contrary we found ourselves playing in the gardens and rowing the boats in the lake for quite some time, and jittering and laughing away. Time flew by and even before we had entered the castle we had been there for hours. I highly recommend you all to put aside a day to spend in this beautiful place, the ambiance of the whole estate is just magnificent. After all, Alex and I both loved it!

jacket - Zara, jeans - Mango, bag&shoes- Chanel, belt - Hermes, scarf - Louis Vuitton.

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Madrid post part 2

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Like always I'm a bit late posting but here you have the second post from madrid. The trip was such a nice distraction from what we had waiting for us back in Paris, exam prep... The last day we didn't do much, we went to the park, shopping and to an amazing brunch. At night we went to a super cool bar called Ramses. I would highly recommend you go there on a sunday afternon. It's the perfect place to cure a hangover with even more drinks and tapas. 

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Off to Madrid

02.05.2014, kl.23:14 × 5 Kommentarer

At this moment I'm at the airport headed to Madrid with my girls. (I was when i wrote this post earlier). Paris will have to do with out me this weekend, while we take over the Spanish capital. The purpose of the trip is to attend a tennis match + soak up some sun and alcohol (of course, the little alcoholics that we are) . Last time I went to Madrid with Alex and her brother we had so much fun, so the city has a lot to live up to this time. I'm sure that with all my amazing friends it will be a blast.

Top - Zara, Jeans - Mango, Hat - Bikbok, Bag - Louis Vuitton, shoes - Chanel

My bestie Alex getting ready for departure. Funny story, she was in charge of booking tickets and planing our trip to the airport. First she managed to spell my email incorrect, so I never received my confirmation code. After mixing up and forgetting our flights departure time, it turned out she had also booked my ticket under the wrong name (...). Mental note to text trip, don't leave Alex in charge. Haha! 

You can get her pretty bag HERE

Two excited girls off to the airport. 

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My summer plans

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So finally in the mood and have the inspiration to blog again. It's been a while so I'll give you a update of what I have been doing since I last blogged. Except from school, friends and the occasional clubbing (which is the 3 most significant things I do), I have been planning my summer break. Or more like me and my friends have been planning ours. I'm so excited so I wanted to share it with you all. After spending some time home in Norway in June I will jet off to Miami, where I will meet up with my favorite person, Alexandrea. After some short days in Miami we will join our friends in Haiti. I can't even describe how excited I am. I actually don't think I have ever met anyone more fun than Haitians. Norwegians have got nothing on them. They take the word fun to the next level.

Leaving Haiti after 10 days, our group of Haitian friends + Alexandria and I will travel together to her family's home in Cali, Colombia. After some time in the city we will again change destinations, to her family farm. There we will continue the party and go horseback riding etc., fun farm stuff. If you would have asked me a year ago I never thought Haiti and Colombia would be the place I would spend my summer this year. It's not the typical destination for Norwegians. Something that makes me think it's even cooler.

Please share your plans, I would love to hear them ♥

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More L-o-n-d-o-n

20.02.2014, kl.01:00 × 3 Kommentarer

Such a bad blogger, it's been over a week and I haven't even come to post my last post on London. If you have a blog you might as well use it. Well I say better late than never. So here you go, a bit more London pics. 

It was in many ways a whirlwind of a weekend, which was laid out like this; eat, drink, sleep repeat. Eat, drink, sleep repeat. We wanted to incorporate some touristic things into that pattern as well, but as hard as you try we can't always be super women and do it all. So yeah, we stuck to what we know best eating and partying.

Yumm yumm yumm. We went to the organic place Good life eatery. Such delish and tasty meals, and being on a liquid diet, we felt super good mentally and physically absorbing something healthy. 

Secong night we hit Tramp, such a fun place with even more fun friends. Love my girls!

New day new door. Wearing; mango jacket, Zara jeans and top, tods shoes, balenciaga bag, topshop hat, Hermes belt. 

Now I hear so much good things and tastes about this place all the time, so I told the girls YOU ARE TAKING ME. Burger and lobster, at Harvey Nichols.Such a good way to end a weekend of fun. 

And then a litte treat to end with, ice cream bar at Harrods. Need I say more?

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Parc Güell

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So my last day in Barcelona Alex, Sebastian and I decided to visit Parc Guell. Your inner child automatically comes out and you feel like you are in a world of either Willy Wonka or a gingerbread house. It?s really really cool! We where running and playing around the park for hours, before I finally had to leave to catch my plane back to Norway. If you are in Barcelona you HAVE to visit the park. It?s also on a hill so you get a magnificent view of the whole city. Quoting Alex; the park also holds the world record for longest bench! And Exciting news, Alex stared a blog! You can find it HERE!DSCN9983DSCN0008DSCN0020DSCN0029DSCN0035_2DSCN0040DSCN0050DSCN0062DSCN0072DSCN0074DSCN0078 DSCN9986

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The Barcelona day

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Yesterday we left some wonderful days in Madrid behind, and headed for Barcelona. We had so much fun the three of us, in Madrid. We met up with some of our Spanish friend Bea?s friends, as well. The days where filled with shopping, eating, museums and at night clubbing. Now that we are in Barcelona we have been doing about the same thing. I?m in love with the fact that the clubs are on the beach. Hopefully we will be coming back when summer is closing in. Today we also visited the famous building Casa Batllo, which was very cool. DSCN0011 DSCN0099DSCN0037DSCN0047DSCN0059DSCN0071DSCN0084 IMG_9322

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Museum day in Madrid

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We started the day off at an American diner for breakfast. After a bit of too much pancakes and sirup,  we rolled out of there. We deiced to have a cultural day; hence it's Sunday. The Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia was so cool. We wandered around the huge building for hours looking at everything from Pablo Picasso to Salvador Dali to Mark Rothko. We ended it with a little photo session in the gorgeous gardens.IMG_9212DSCN9990 DSCN9993 DSCN9996 IMG_9112 IMG_9157IMG_9125 IMG_9145IMG_9169 IMG_9177 IMG_9191 IMG_9200

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Hello Madrid

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What a fabulous way to start the new year. First week trip to Madrid. I flew down to meet up with my sweetheart Alexandrea and her brother. We are staying in Madrid for 4 days, then we go to Barcelona for 2 days. I've missed her sooo much this Christmas break at home, felt so good to see her again! I brought my camera so I'll try blogging every day!525316_10152107603098996_1632767231_n

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Halloween weekend in London

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Halloweek is by far my new favorite word. I think Halloween itself is fantastic, so being able to make it into a whole week, now that's just Fantabulous! Last week the girls and I hopped over the channel and planted our feet in British soil, and spent all of Halloweek in London. Not even Fantabulous is a good enough description of how good the week was. The most outstanding girls, every night out a blast and lets not overlook, we could dress up every day. Yes,  you get it, not even Fantabulous does it justice. For those of you are going to ask now, I have no clue when it comes to the London club scene. But my love ladies does, so we went to Maddox, Tonteria and Tramp. I was a very naughty blogger, bringing my camera, but not one single picture. So you will all have to live with my lousy Iphone pics.IMG_7208IMG_7227Desktop156IMG_7191IMG_7127

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