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Keeping it Casual

We all have those days after a fun night, where we just need to keep it casual and comfy, I bet you all know what I'm talking about. For me these days require big hoodies and shades(!), now and then a beanie is good as well, to cover up that messy party hair.

My hoodie is from Dolce & Gabana (mens), get similar HERE,  and the sunnies are from Mango get similar HERE & HERE

B-day girl

Long time no see, or in this situation read... Well now I'm back, back in Paris and back in the blogging business. For those of you that do not already know, its my BIRTHDAY today! I'm that type of person who just loooooves their birthday. So to celebrate my 19 years on this earth I headed over to Chanel, very appropriate if you ask me. I left with the best materialistic happiness feeling money can buy, and a pair of pure perfection ballerinas. Haven gotten well comfortable in the burning cash mode, I kept the celebration going, into some more stores. It is after all my birthday, and that is after all only once a year! 112111   Now I need to hop into some new clothes, do my hair and makeup, and then head out to dinner.

Model for Max Factor

So finally I can tell you guys these exciting news. Remember a couple weeks ago I blogged about attending a Max Factor event? Well the purpose of this was to be a part of the new Max Factor campaign; GO WILD! We all got our makeup done and had a photoshoot and now, at last I can show you the results! It was so much fun and is such an honor to be chosen! In the upcoming weeks,  you will be able to see my eyes representing the Nude Black look in the campaign. It will appear online, in Vita stores and in magazines. _4265 (1)What do you guys think of the photo? I think most people who knows me will be able to tell its my eyes. Skjermbilde 2013-08-03 kl. 20.43.05Skjermbilde 2013-08-03 kl. 20.42.51

Peach perfect

For a Norwegian (arctic) born and raised girl like me, one of the biggest benefits of living a little further down south, is the weather. In Norway we get 1-2 weeks of good summer days. The rest is rain, fog and cold days... Here I can really wipp out my summer wardrobe, and not worry about freezing. Even though a rain storm passes by now and then (quite often actually), but i can live with that. Desktop143 IMG_2829 IMG_2837 IMG_2858

Shorts and sandals  - Zara, top - Tobi.com, bag - Balenciaga, Sunnies - Ray Ban

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